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Crazi Studio is a multilingual voice over agency producing foreign language voice-overs in over 90 languages.

From Arabic to Zulu, Crazi Studio has foreign language voice-over artists to suit your production and budget. We are offering a great range of foreign language voice-over artists to meet your expectations.

Why choose us

We pick only experienced voiceover artists with a good history in commercial voiceovers. So, whenever you hire someone on Crazi Studio, you can be sure you’ll get great results!

Our Network

Crazi Studio has a wide-reaching global network and works with numerous studios, enabling us to discover native talents in unique languages not commonly available through other companies.


We’ve got you covered for transcription, translation, subtitling, video editing, and pretty much any post-production service you can imagine but Crazi Studio can do!

Types of voice-over services

Crazi Studio offers professional voiceover service, with a team of experienced voiceover artists who provide exact voice-over services that harmonise with characters and content.

Commercial Voice-Overs

Crazi Studio provides commercial voice-over services for marketing and advertising. Our adept voice artist prioritises clear message delivery over character description, understanding and conveying your business requirements with accuracy.

Animation Voice-Overs

Crazi Studio offers effective and creative voiceover services for animation videos, Our Professional voiceover artist can modulate their voices as per the content requirements. Crazi Studio brought life to the animated content and filled their emotions with purity.

Audiobooks Voice-overs

In this advanced technological era, audiobooks have gained immense popularity. Crazi Studio specialises in delivering engaging audiobook voice-over services, enhancing momentum, tone, pitch, and other voice factors to captivate listeners. Our skilled voice actors articulate as needed, ensuring clarity and conciseness throughout.

Corporate and Educational Voice-Overs

Crazi Studio, an e-learning platform, provides expert voice-over services for corporate and educational content, including training materials, human resources videos, university course videos, explainer videos, and learning modules. Our voice actors maintain a professional tone, minimising risks for a polished delivery.

Narration Voice-Overs

Crazi Studio specialises in providing narration voice-overs for academic, corporate, and entertainment content. Our voice actors meticulously research and deliver narrations with precision, offering descriptive, informative, and easily understandable content for our listeners.

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