About Us
"Welcome to Crazi Studio in Noida, your ultimate destination for all your creative and marketing needs. We specialize in photography, videography, visual expertise, design, and tech wizardry, ensuring an immersive customer experience. Choose us as your go-to partner for comprehensive visual solutions!"

Chroma Studio: Premium Independent Film Services

Chroma Studio is your destination for premium independent film services. With over a thousand productions under our belt, our adaptable studio is equipped for talking-head shoots in a green environment, perfect for virtual sets. Our pre-lit green screens use tested lighting for uniform output. Your go-to for efficient and high-quality film production!

E-learning Video Shoot

Explore the world of e-learning with Crazi Studio. From schools to businesses, our e-learning video shoots leverage technology to enhance educational content. Accessible on various devices, we bring learning to life in the digital age.

Explainer Video Shoot

Need to showcase and explain your products, services, or business ideas? Our explainer video shoots are designed for effective marketing, covering everything from product usage to factory tours. Let your customers gain insights into the production process with engaging vidoes.

Chroma Studio on Rent

Whether you’re a pro or a newbie, Crazi Studio offers a studio for rent with precise light control, ensuring exceptional photography results. Capture your vision with our professional-grade equipment.

Music Video & Albums

Elevate your music with our professional music video and album services. Our skilled team is dedicated to turning your music video album dreams into reality. With high-resolution video making, we prioritize uncompromised quality. Try us once for a seamless and rewarding experience.

Why Choose Us

At Crazi Studio, our team of professionals is committed to bringing your creative ideas to life. From indoor studios to outdoor locations, we provide flexible services with all the technical prerequisites for a flawless shoot. Contact us for a hassle-free, creative, and cost-effective service that turns your thoughts into reality.

Interview Shoots

Capture impactful interviews and testimonials with Crazi Studio’s expertise. From professional cameras to seamless editing, we provide top-quality video production services. Choose between our studio and your location for a flexible and effective solution.

Video Resume Shoot

Navigate the modern job market with a professionally shot video resume from Crazi Studio. Our skilled team ensures a hassle-free, cost-effective production, highlighting your skills and personality to potential employers.

Product Demo Videos

Crazi Studio’s production house offers comprehensive video production services, including short films, animations, and explainer videos. From scriptwriting to post-production, we bring creative ideas to life with professional, timely, and cost-effective solutions.

Photography Services

Fashion Photography – We capture compelling photos that help brands reach their target audience and deliver their brand message. Capture compelling photos of  your traditional and Western wear with our talented team at Chroma Studio in Noida.

E-Commerce Product Photography – The surge in online shopping demands compelling product photography for e-commerce success. At Crazi Studio, we specialize in e-commerce photography services. Our experienced team ensures high-quality visuals for your products, from toys to electronics.  We deal with all types of products for e-commerce companies. Turn potential customers into buyers with high-quality visuals for online shopping success.

Food and Beverage Photography – Food and beverage photography is essential for creating visually enticing images of dishes and drinks, crucial for online platforms, menus, and advertisements. For the success of your food business, you need to update your target audience regularly.

Portfolio Shoot – A portfolio shoot is a curated collection of photographs showcasing a model’s best work, capturing a range of expressions and poses. We help influencers and models build strong portfolios. Our precision in makeup, hairstyling, and high-end equipment ensures top-quality photos for your portfolio.

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